Common Interview Questions and Answers

Common Interview Questions and Answers :

The CV should preferably be brief and precise. You would be well-advised to use the MS Word format and avoid a War and Peace type of tome which will only irritate the prospective employer. You have to keep in mind that the HR person concerned has to sift through reams of CVs in order to shortlist candidates. If the CV is too long and he cannot easily find the material details that he is looking for he may merely consign it to the dustbin. Avoid using a standard format for every job for which you apply.

Separate CVs should be made for each job, focusing on the requirements in terms of qualifications/experience in the application for the position.

Ensure that you arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the time of the interview. This way… you can gather your wits and be able to face the interviewer in a calm frame of mind. Arriving late gives a very bad impression as it shows that the candidate has scant respect for both time and the interviewer. This must be avoided at all costs.

Job knowledge is important but not the sole criterion for election. In my mind, job knowledge can always be imparted to an intelligent and willing candidate. It can be helpful in the final election when there are two candidates with similar qualities vying for the same job. Apart from the candidate’s scores, the schools and colleges that he attended are often plus points. Family background should not matter too much if you otherwise fit the bill. Of course a family with a notorious background may require a more in-depth background check.

Questioning can reveal whether a candidate is highly egoistic and consequently a poor team player. Proficiency in team games could be indicative of team spirit and potential for success as a team player.

The reasons for selecting the company reveal some interesting points. You should avoid giving the standard replies you think the interviewer will be impressed with. Try to answer in a sincere and honest manner, without being verbose. Take a minute to respond rather than blurting out a garbled explanation.

Sanjiv Roy - Chief Executive - Birla Sun Life Distribution Co. Ltd….

The attitude first. Then the manner in which they speak.

The other factors I look at are mobility and what the candidate’s current focus is.

Blossom Kochhar - Managing Director - Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products

I get turned off by two things - if the bio-data shows the applicant has changed too many jobs and if he/she goes on talking about his/her achievements. I can’t compromise on quality for these superficial things.

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