Common Interview Questions

Common Interview Questions :

Pradeep Gidwani - CEO - Fosters India

Grooming….This is essential and in some ways reflects the mind of the individual. Well-ironed and clean clothes show attention to detail and a methodical, organised work approach. On the other hand…. an individual who is not well-groomed may reflect casualness on the job, lack of detail, etc.

In addition to experience and knowledge, attitude is also critical. It is important that a person comes across as passionate, focused and positive in thinking.

The manner in which they speak…. They need to be polite, to the point and should not babble. Their speech should be structured rather than jumping from subject to subject. They should not be loud, or boast of their achievements.

Curriculum vitae…. this is the first contact with the individual and is hence important. Resumes should be crisp, simple, easy to read and structured. Fonts should not be too loud. They should not brag, yet their achievements should come through. There should be no spelling errors.

Punctuality…. we would never hire somebody who is not punctual. The candidate needs to plan for rains, traffic jams, etc. How can somebody who comes late for his interview be on time to meet with clients? Punctuality reflects seriousness and planning on the part of the individual.

Job knowledge…. not necessarily an absolute must for us. We encourage people with limited knowledge of our business and categorically recruit from other industries. This brings in an added perspective to our business and it works for us.

Education… basic education is a must. But we are not fixated on degrees or brands of educational institutions. We look at the individual.

Family background…. this is important. Good middle-class family values, upbringing, appreciating others, hard work, honesty – a family background that shows these values arc important.

Confidence and passion….we look for these qualities too.

Hema Ravichandar - Senior Vice-President and Head of Human Resources - Infosys Technologies Ltd….

Grooming and dress sense…. it reflects essential social conformity and personal hygiene and make a person look presentable. We are not talking Armani here, but clean, pressed and elegant clothes.

Attitude is a much-used word. It reflects the perspective a person has towards work, organisation, teams, learning, performance and society at large. Typically, these should be in harmony and aligned towards larger goals and objectives with a required dose of discipline and work ethics.

I get turned off by two things - if the bio-data shows the applicant has changed too many jobs and if he/she goes on talking about his/her achievements. I can’t compromise on quality for these superficial things.

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