Common Job Interview Questions

Common Job Interview Questions :

Review the Interviewers :

1. Did you find the interviewers intimidating?

2. Did they put you at ease?

3. Were their questions searching?

4. Did they seem interested in you or were they merely going through the paces as you had turned up?

5. Did they smile and relate to you?

6. Did the interviewers frown at some of your answers? If so which ones were these?

7. Do you remember the interviewers - what they looked like, their names and their job titles? Think of some feature of theirs or some mannerism. It'll help you to remember them.

Review your Own Performance :

1. Do you think you made a good impression?

2. Did you shake hands with the interviewers and wish them?

3. Do you think you were smart and presentable?

4. Did you fidget?

5. Did you use any “uh’s” or “you know’s”?

6. Did you smile?

7. Did you use hand gestures to emphasise important points?

8. Did you establish a rapport with the interviewers?

9. How did they act during the interview? Did they seem interested in you?

Review the Important Points of your Interview :

1. Write down the questions that were asked and review your responses.

2. What would you have worded or answered differently? Why would you have answered differently? What would be a more appropriate answer?

3. Did the interviewer bring up some point time and again? If so, why did he do it? Was it to probe more and more or was it because your answer was not appropriate?

4. Did you get a feel from the interviewers that they were happy / unhappy with you / your responses? Did he / they frown often or show some other signs that they were unsatisfied?

5. Did the interviewers look bored and give an impression they wanted to hustle you out?

You can use the following review questionnaire to get an idea of how well you fared in the interview.

Did I arrive on time? Yes / No

Did I allow enough time to freshen up? Yes / No

Was my dressing appropriate? Yes / No

Should I change anything next time? Yes / No….If yes, what?

Did I have any problem with the tests that were administered? Yes / No If yes, how can I overcome these?

Did I settle down quickly? Yes / No …..If no…. why not?

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