Consolidator Bill of Lading

Consolidator Bill of Lading :

Consignee - shipping

The person or firm named in a freight contract to whom goods have been shipped or turned over for care - consignor

Consignee Marks - shipping

A symbol placed on packages for export, gen¬erally consisting of a square, triangle, diamond, circle, cross, etc., with designed letters and/or numbers for the purpose of identification.

Consignment - shipping

Shipment of one or more pieces of property, ac¬cepted by a carrier for one shipper at one time, receipted for in one lot, and moving on one bill of lading, (commerce) Delivery of merchandise from an exporter (the consignor) to an agent (the consignee) under agree¬ment that the agent sell the merchandise for the account of the exporter. The consignor retains title to the goods until sold. The consignee sells the goods for commission and remits the net proceeds to the consignor.

Consignment Contract - law

An agreement by a seller (consignor) to deliver goods to an individual or legal entity (consignee) who will pay the seller for any goods sold, less a commission, and will return goods not sold - consignment

Consignor - shipping

The individual, company or entity that ships goods, or gives goods to another for care. The consignor is usually the exporter or his agent - consignee - consign¬ment

Consolidated Container - shipping

A shipping container containing cargo from a number of shippers for delivery to a number of different consignees.

Consolidation - shipping

The combining of less than truckload (LTL) shipments of cargo from a number of shippers at a cen¬trally located point of origin by a freight consolidator, and transporting them as a single shipment to a destination point. Consolidation of cargo often results in reduced shipping rates.

Consolidation Point - logistics

A terminal, container yard, loading dock or other physical location where the consolidation of freight takes place.

Consolidator - shipping

A company that provides consolidation ser¬vices. Freight forwarders perform the functions of a con¬solidator - consolidation

Consolidator’s Bill of Lading - shipping

A bill of lading issued by a consolidating freight forwarder to a shipper - bill of lading - house air waybill

Constructed Value - U.S. Customs

In customs valuation, a means of deter¬mining fair or foreign market value when sales of such or similar merchandise do not exist or, for various reasons, cannot be used for comparison purposes. The “constructed value” consists of the cost of materials and fabrication or other processing employed in producing the merchandise, general expenses of not less than 10 percent of material and fabrication costs, and profit of not less than 8 percent of the sum of the production costs and general expenses. To this amount is added the cost of packing for exporta¬tion - valuation - transaction value

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