Consular Invoice

Consular Invoice :

Consular Invoice is a document required mainly by the Latin American countries like, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius, New Zealand, Burma, Iraq, Australia, Fiji, Cyprus, Nigeria, Ghana and Zanzibar. This invoice is most important document which needs to be submitted for certification to the Embassy of the Country concerned. The exporter has to pay to the Embassy concerned some fees for the certification of this invoice.

A consular invoice is required to be prepared in a prescribed format and it should be signed / certified by the consul of the importing country located in the country of export. The main purpose of a consular invoice is to enable the importer's country to collect accurate and authenticated information about the value, volume, quality and source of the import for assessing import duties and for other statistical purposes. It helps the importer to get cleared the goods through the customs without any undue delay. The consular invoice forms are generally available at the importing country's consuls and is certified against payment of some fees.

Consular invoices should be made in multiple copies as per the buyer's requirements.

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