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Cover Letter Examples for Jobs : We have mentioned a prototype cover letter several times. What do you mean by a prototype anyway?

Is there a quantity / quality tradeoff?

There is a question about the quantity / quality tradeoff in letter-writing. Given the difficult current job market, you may feel that you want to send out a large number of resumes. On the other hand, we know that a high-quality letter is important to securing an interview. The time required for a quality letter would seem to conflict with writing a lot of them and vice-versa. Is there a way out of this dilemma?

There is a tradeoff of sorts. But we will learn how to minimize your problems with it. You will develop a good prototype letter while building an inventory of your positive characteristics and research findings. Once you learn how to amend your prototype with material from your inventory, you will be able to wnte high-quality cover letters in significant quantities. In combination with the well-designed outreach campaigns we will organize, you will be able to maximize your chances for success.

What is a prototype?

We have mentioned a prototype cover letter several times. What do you mean by a prototype anyway?

You are going to develop a cover letter that includes all the key points we have been discussing. That letter can be quickly amended for different situations using the inventories we will build in the course of our research. That's what makes it a prototype - a solid, basic letter that can become many different letters with a limited amount of thoughtful changes.

You may want to be proud of what you write. If your name is going on something, it had better be your best. At the same time, BEST has to be put in context. For a cover letter, best means the best you can do given the constraints you are under (time, energy) and the goal you want to achieve. So your best cover letter is the one that gives you the best chance of securing a job interview without driving yourself crazy in the process.

But how will I know for sure that I have done the right things in the right way?

This question is central to carrying out a job-search campaign. How do we know what to put in a resume or cover letter, what to say at an interview, to whom we should send our correspondence?

The answer is…. we don't.

Not in the absolute sense of knowing that 2 + 2 = 4 or that Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12.

Knowing in our context means doing what will bring the highest probability of success based on our best reasonable efforts to identify the best available information. We try to increase our probabilities, realizing that sometimes we will not succeed. This is more effective than investing an inordinate amount of time and energy in an elusive pursuit of knowing for certain.

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