Cover Letter Format

Cover Letter Format :

We have discussed how to write a good cover letter and how to utilize modular construction so that you can produce dozens of individualized letters from one prototype text. In addition, we have given examples of letters you might write in a variety of circumstances.

To make our presentation clear, we used a no-frills style of writing. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you may want to write in a style that better reflects your own personality. To that end, this page will show you letters for a variety of situations written in a variety of styles. Please remember that these are samples, not models to be copied verbatim.

76 Prospect Street
St. Paul, MN 54144

January 15, 1997

Ms. Dorothy Pokros
Senior Financial Analyst
Heavyduty Manufacturing Company
17 Nuts & Bolts Drive
Iowa City, IA 52333

Dear Dorothy,

I want to share some great news with you. Last week, I was offered a position as a financial analyst with Supercom, Inc., in Cedar Rapids. Yesterday, I accepted the offer.

The insights and ideas you shared with me this past October played a big part in getting me through the interview process. I deeply appreciate everything you have done to help me launch my career.

Thank you.


David McGrath

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