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Some computer bulletin boards also have a database component. In essence, you can submit your job application information to the database once and then send it to employers in response to specific postings on the huiletin board with a click of a mouse. This situation allows you a proactive role in determining where your information is sent. These firms tend to refer to a resume database as we soon shall see.

Many databases allow you to change your resume. In that case you can loosen the constraints of the one-size-fits-all form by appending a hrief note or amending your resume, both of which fit in nicely with using a cover letter.

There are a number of companies that will accept and store your resume in a database. If the database is designed for subscribing employers, your file can then be accessed by an employer seeking certain job-related characteristics. In principle, your file could be accessed by numerous employers, day or night, without any further action on your part. Some databases include a safety feature to prevent your file from being accessed against your wishes -let's say by your current employer.

Databases maintained by employing firms directly hoirl applicant data only for their own use.

Information from an applicant database is searched when an employer submits a job requisition. Let's say that Someco is seeking a product manager with five years of experience. A job requisition is submitted to the system identifying what skills to search for. The computer is given a set of words and acronyms to look for, perhaps in a given context. That way it can distinguish between, say, Harvard University and Harvard Graphics. The results of the computer search are delivered to the designated official, whether in human resources or a hiring manager. This individual can then call up the applicant files and read them.

If the computer has identified more applicants than the employer wishes to review, s/he can tighten the parameters until the desired number of applicants is identified.

How does this screening process affect you? Let's say that the employer wanted to read 100 resumes in order to invite 10 people to an interview with the goal of hiring one person. If computer searches didn't exist, an employee of Someco would quickly scan the hundreds of resumes it receives each week and put most in the reject pile. Sheer volume would necessitate this. The YES and MAYBE piles would be composed of cover letters and resumes that stood out by presenting plausible match with the firm's needs. Human beings are fallible, especially when under stress and time constraints. The computer's ability to scan and store thousands of resumes may mean that your application will get more attention than would be possible in a traditional search.

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