Cover Letter Resume Student

Cover Letter Resume Student :

We have discussed how to write a good cover letter and how to utilize modular construction so that you can produce dozens of individualized letters from one prototype text. In addition, we have given examples of letters you might write in a variety of circumstances.

To make our presentation clear, we used a no-frills style of writing. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you may want to write in a style that better reflects your own personality. To that end, this page will show you letters for a variety of situations written in a variety of styles. Please remember that these are samples, not models to be copied verbatim.

3714 Dankel Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

July 7, 1996

Mr. Daniel Johnson
West Coast Widgets, Inc.
425 Pacific View Drive
Mountain Peak, CA 94039

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Does your department anticipate the need for marketing expertise in the Pacific Rim? As a bilingual (Chinese-English) graduate of the Buckland School MBA program, perhaps I can be of service.

A little bit about my background may be in order. I was raised in Taiwan as the oldest son of a family deeply involved with product distribution. After graduating from the University of Taipei, I spent two years plarming the logistics of my family's trucking business and two years working for the Commerce Minister. Both experiences enabled me to develop good business sense in addition to valuable contacts. At the Buckland School, I strengthened my business credentials by learning about business and trade from an American perspective.

An article in The Economist indicates that you are exploring trade with the Pacific Rim - but have not yet developed commercial ties to the area. May I suggest myself as the way to fill your need for expertise in this area?

I am available on either a one-year or long-term basis. Because of my F – 1 visa status, the first option would present no difficulty for you in terms of U.S. immigration policy.

One thing I learned about American business culture is the value of being proactive. I will contact you next week to see if a meeting can be arranged at your convenience.


Chi-Ming Ho


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