Create A Resume

Create A Resume : How would you now describe your feelings about yourself and your future?

Clare Griffiths highlights action points.

What am I going to do?

Contact Janice, Linda and Stephanie (ex. Bank colleagues)

Speak to Beryl (Mobile hairdresser)

Contact local college regarding word processing course

Contact Vivian Johnson (parent governor) to act as a referee

Have 30 copies of CV produced

Research online job agencies

How am I going to do it?


When she next visits

Ring for prospectus

Write a letter

Ask Bob to get them printed at his work

Via the internet

When am I going to do it by?

Week ending 10 / 12

Week ending 9 / 1

Week ending 10 / 12

Week ending 18 / 1

Week ending 10 / 12

Week ending 10 / 12

Clare has highlighted SIX action points to take. These including contacting….

• ex colleagues

• Those she comes into contact with on a regular basis (mobile hairdresser, parent governor).

Also she will need plenty of copies of her CV which she is arranging to have printed at her husband's work. Her skills analysis identified a training need in the area of word processing and basic computer skills. This she intends to address by starting the appropriate course at her local college. She is also going to find out about on-line job agencies by searching the Internet at a local cyber-cafe.


Action points

Because we are likely to face rejection, a positive attitude can motivate us to 'stick with it'.

Having a good CV is useless unless we take action and put it to work.

Compile our own action plan and review and update it regularly.

Review the points on how we must respond to the changes in the world of work. Which is most necessary for you to do?

The CV is a reflection of the 'real you', so use it as a 'pick-me-up' whenever you face setbacks.

Your CV is a dynamic document that changes and develops as you do.


What have been the main points you have learned?

How would you describe yourself? Naturally optimistic or pessimistic?

How do you feel about change? Resigned to it, or excited by it?

How would you now describe your feelings about yourself and your future?

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