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Create Free Resume : As your work experience grows through the years, your school activities and honors will carry less weight and be emphasized less in your resume.


Education is usually the second most important element of your resume. Your educational background is often a deciding factor in an employer's decision to interview you. Highlight your accomplishments in school as much as you did those accomplishments at work. If you are looking for your first professional job, your education or life experience will be your greatest assets because your related work experience will be minimal. In this case, the education section becomes the most important means of selling yourself.

Include in this section all the degrees or certificates you have received, your major or area of concentration, all of the honors you earned and any relevant activities you participated in, organized, or chaired. Again, list your most recent schooling first. If you have completed graduate-level work, begin with that and work your way back through your undergraduate education. If you have completed college, you generally should not list your high school experience. Do so only if you earned special honors, you had a grade point average that was much better than the norm or this was your highest level of education.

If you have completed a large number of credit hours in a subject that may be relevant to the position you are seeking but did not obtain a degree, you may wish to list the hours or classes you completed. Keep in mind, however, that you may be asked to explain why you did not finish the program. If you are currently in school, list the degree, certificate or license you expect to obtain and the projected date of completion.


When describing your job duties under each of your previous positions on your resume, you should include specific work-related skills and accomplishments. These might include a fluency in various computer programs, the ability to operate special machinery or equipment and experience supervising another worker or a work crew. In addition, are there any special accomplishments you've made in your current position? If so, you should be sure to highlight how you've benefited your current employer which gives prospective employers a glimpse of what you can do for them. For example, helping increase sales or income during any of your jobs, working full time or managing a home while taking courses to complete your diploma or degree or completing a difficult building project.


Perhaps you have been active in different organizations or clubs. Often an employer will look at such involvement as evidence of initiative, dedication and good social skills. Examples of your ability to take a leading role in a group should be included on a resume, if you can provide them. The activities section of your resume should present neighborhood and community activities, volunteer positions and so forth. In general, you may want to avoid listing any organization whose name indicates the race, creed, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation or nation of origin of its members because this could expose you to discrimination.

As your work experience grows through the years, your school activities and honors will carry less weight and be emphasized less in your resume. Eventually, you will probably list only your degree and any major honors received. As time goes by, your job performance and the experience you've gained become the most important elements in your resume, which should change to reflect this.

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