Creating A Resume

Creating A Resume : Yes. Your Resume is a dynamic document about YOU. The stronger it is…the brighter your future is….You have to keep on learning new things and acquiring new skills.

Review your CV In order to further lift your spirits, review your CV. By now, you have developed your own sales brochure. You have recalled achievements, identified your skills and been equipped with the knowledge of how to market yourself successfully. But now indulge yourself for a moment. Do not simply be aware of what is on your CV but….

Re-live those achievements in your mind.

Focus on the skills you have and imagine using them in a variety of situations.

Congratulate yourself and be thankful for the education and training you have received, whether you gained any qualifications or not.

Say to yourself 'this is me ... ' as you read your profile.

And then take action. Your self indulgence is over. It is time to start implementing your action plan and take personal responsibility for your future.


A CV is never complete until you die. The need for a CV may decrease during your career, but it is never complete. Many people simply 'update' their CV when they change jobs. Be prepared to do more than that.

As you change, so should your CV. Is it still a fair reflection who you are now or does it still reflect where you were when was first written?

Have you re-analysed the skills you possess and included new ones you have acquired?

What about your personal attributes? Has there been a change emphasis? Do you still feel comfortable and able to justify your statements?

Remember, your CV encapsulates you.

• Who you are.

• What you have done.

• What skills you possess.

• What you have achieved.

Your CV reflects your life to date in a condensed form. Although its main purpose is to inform others about you, it also helps provide you with a personal insight. By reviewing and reflecting on your CV, you can assess not just what you have done, but what you might do in the future.

Your CV is much more than just an academic exercise to complete. As long as you change, so will your CV. For this reason, it is a dynamic document. Yes. It is a dynamic document about YOU. The stronger it is…the brighter your future is….You have to keep on learning new things and acquiring new skills.

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  • Related Links : Creating A Resume