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Customer Service Resume Sample : How did you determine the points you wanted to make in your second paragraph?

How did you determine the points you wanted to make in your second paragraph?

I followed our general principle: What do I offer that the employer needs? Experience in the field is always an attraction, so I mentioned that first. Research and comrnunication are important skills, so I mentioned them second Since Dollarco is in the leasing business, I wanted to show familiarity with that field.

Why mention your leasing experience last? It seems it should go first since that's a direct connection to Dollarco.

I had to think strategically on that one. On the one hand, I do have familiarity with leasing, and it's current. On the other, my position is administrative and the job is part-time. That combination tells me to make the statement, but not in a lead-off position.

To follow up on David's question, do you consider the statement about leasing misleading?

Not at all. I stated only the truth, familiarity with leasing. Further, I indicated a "recent work experience," which is true. I didn't claim I was a financial analyst there.

1 am interested in knowing how you identified the items for the "why I want to work for you" paragraph.

I wanted to show a reason based on each of three factors: the type of job, the industry and the particular firm. The first point, the job, required the most thought because I had to show succinctly that I was realistically motivated - namely, what I wanted really comes with the job. The other two points (the firm, the industry) were easier for me because they flowed from research about what other people had said.

I notice that you referred to several publications in your letter. Why?

By showing that I had researched the industry and the firm, I was showing that I am thorough and seriously motivated. Mentioning a trade journal read by many financial analysts helps them see me more as one of them rather than as an outsider.

Let me follow up on my previous question. Since you haven't worked for the firm, how could you truthfully speak about the working environment at Dollarco?

I learned about Dollarco from an informational interview with someone in the finance department. In the case of some larger firms, I might find articles in a magazine (Fortune or Working Woman) or a book (The 100 Best Companies to Workfor in America), which talk about working environment. If I didn't have a reliable source of information and/or I didn't believe that working environment is an important consideration, I wouldn't mention it.

Gabrielle has made two good points in her discussion with David. First, when possible, try to show a motivation connected with one or more of these factors: job, firm, industry. Second, unless you have a sound basis for making a statement, it doesn't belong in your letter.

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