CV-Related Glossary

CV-Related Glossary : Few terms related to resume writing and cover letter writing….

Agencies / recruitment consultants : Privately run businesses operating to recruit staff on behalf of other organizations

Blue chip company : A business which is listed on the stock exchange - It is a term used to express the credibility of an organisation

Career history : An overview of a person's career, which includes dates and the names of the organisations worked for

Chronological CV : A CV which lists in date order the organisations worked for

Covering letter : A letter which accompanies a CV or application form when contacting an employer

Functional CV : A CV which gives an overview of the type of work done and skills acquired, with less emphasis on when the jobs were done and for whom

Human resources : A term used in reference to the organisation and management of people within an organisation

IPD : The Institute of Personnel and Development which is an amalgamation of the Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) and the Institute of Training and Development (ITD). Its members concentrate on the people management within an organization.

IR : Industrial relations - A term used to describe the working relations between management and the workforce, usually in connection with pay and working conditions

Job description: A list of broadly defined duties and responsibilities attached to a particular job

K : An initial representing a thousand pounds in monetary terms, eg £250k is £250,000

Learning and Skills Council (LSC) : Government-funded agency responsible for providing training opportunities

NVQ : National Vocational Qualification which can be gained through assessment 'on the job' as opposed to studying and sitting exams

On file :A term used by organisations who keep hold of your CV or application form for a given period, with the possibility of contacting you should a suitable vacancy arise

OTE : On-target earnings, ie the amount of salary which will be paid provided certain sales or other business targets are met

Profile : A summary of your main skills and attributes, which can be included at the beginning of a CV

Psychometric tests : Exercises and questionnaires designed to measure a range of skills, general intelligence, personality traits and motivational drives

Referees : Individuals who agree to provide information to a third party about a person's character. Work referees may also provide information about competence, absenteeism and punctuality.

Skills : The ability and talent to carry out a given task competently and effectively

Speculative approach : Contact initiated by an individual to an organisation on the chance that they may have a suitable vacancy

Targeted CV : A CV written with a specific job in mind and tailored to emphasise the most relevant points

Transferable skills : Abilities and talents which can be adapted or reshaped by an individual into different working situations and environments

Work experience : The time spent in a working environment acquiring skills and knowledge of working practices

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