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Desk Help Resume Support : As the majority of jobs are never advertised, we must make speculative approaches to increase our chances of success.

Joanne Taylor contacts a possible employer. : Desk Help Resume Support

Joanne Taylor has read recently that Krodan Ltd, a computer organisation is relocating to the Stoke-on- Trent area from Surrey. A possible expansion programme involving the likelihood of a further 50 jobs is expected.

Joanne has no contact name or address of the company's location in Surrey. However quick a telephone calls firstly to directory enquiries and then to Krodan Ltd has given her all she needs. She has been advised to contact Kathy Kilner, head of Human Resources.

Kathy Kilner
Head of Human Resources
Krodan Ltd.
Fenton Business Estate

15 Cherry Bush Ave.
Stoke-on- Trent

Dear Ms Kilner

2nd November 20XX

I was very interested to learn of your company's relocation to the Stoke-on-Trent area and the exciting opportunities that are to be created. As a social studies graduate from Keele University, I am keen to develop my career within Human Resources and am currently studying for my IPD qualification.

I possess a wide range of skills, which I outline in my enclosed CV, developed through my activities at university and during my work placement as a Probation Officer. These include my ability to deal with a wide range of people from all backgrounds in a caring and professional manner. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail my experience to date and how I may contribute to the smooth and efficient running of your business.

I will telephone you next week in order to discuss this matter further at a time convenient to yourself.
Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours sincerely

Joanne Taylor


By showing initiative, Joanne's enquiries have given her a name and job title to which to address this business letter. (She may also have tried to establish if Kathy Kilner was a Miss or a Mrs.)

Her opening is positive as she uses words like interested and exciting.

She backs up her keenness to develop a career in human resources by her reference to studying for her IPD qualification. (In this instance IPD, short for Institute of Personnel and Development can be used in an abbreviated form as it is the main personnel qualification.)

She refers briefly to her main skill, dealing with people, but fails to bring out the benefit of this.

Her reference to smooth and effective running of your business may be extremely pertinent bearing in mind the upheaval the company is likely to face in relocating.

Her ending is positive and polite. Busy business people do enjoy being rung out of the blue and reference to AT A TIME CONVENIENT TO YOURSELF is a courteous approach to take.

Overall impression

Joanne's letter is a good example of a targeted, speculative approach and is both professional and polite. She could develop further the benefits to the organisation of her skills, but this lack would be unlikely to prevent her gaining an interview if there was a suitable position. A follow up call will also answer the question WHEN WILL THEY GET BACK TO ME?


Action points : Desk Help Resume Support

Having a good CV alone will not lead to success. We must know how to use it.

As the majority of jobs are never advertised, we must make speculative approaches to increase our chances of success.

Make use of newspapers, libraries, the Internet and friends in order generate leads.

Always write to a person, not just a job title.

Writing, phoning, e-mailing and visiting are ways we can approach organisations.

Always suggest a meeting rather than an interview.

Do not pigeon-hole yourself into a particular job category.


How comfortable do you feel approaching friends or family for help in your job search?

What kind of reaction do you expect from them?

How do you feel about the amount of rejection you are likely to receive?

What is worse for you, hearing no or not hearing anything?

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