Effective Cover Letters

Effective Cover Letters :

Many public accountants leave their firms to work for clients. Some of them go into financial analysis. May be some of Ted's old friends could help?

I hadn't thought about a nonprofit or advocacy group. However, with all the discussion about reconciling environmental goals and business interests, there might be a role there for me.

These six people seemed to be the most likely sources of help to David. David would arrange to meet with each of them If time permitted, David would speak to everyone on his warm contact chart including Lon (retired) and Jean (unemployed).

You never know who people know.

Although none of David's warm contacts were financial analysts, we saw that number of people close to David could help him connect with people who were.

Tlus second circle of potential "uncles/aunts," the associates of relatives, the friends of neighbors (or even the neighbors of friends) we called tepid contacts.

After speaking with his warm contacts, David found that most would be willing to put him in touch with financial analysts they knew. The exception was his mother, who felt she couldn't mix client business with a family interest. That's a professional reality and David understood it as such. For his part, David sent each tepid contact a short letter.

A letter such as David's isn't absolutely necessary in this case, since John already expected to hear from David. Still, it is a good idea to write, because it lends a professional air to David's subsequent meeting with John.

Before David called John, we discussed any concerns David might have.

Why should John Giraldi agree to see me? A friend of mine wrote him last month about a job interview and received a negative response.

John will be willing to see you for two reasons. First, you are Myrtle's nephew and he doesn't want to offend a co-worker (or possibly his superior) by saying no. Second, conducting a job interview is relatively expensive in terms of time and may carry with it some legal baggage as well. An informational meeting doesn't carry with it either legal baggage or commitments of any kind. It can also be kept short.

Okay, but what will I gain from my meetmg? I have read everything ever written about financial analysis.

I am not sure anybody has really read everything there is to read about anything but let's assume you are right. Fan's are friendlier than paper. A real person can tell you about his or her own experiences and insights, You will also be able' to ask about your own concerns and get a practitioner's point of view. In short, a person in a profession can give you insights and information that are not written anywhere and give it to you with a human dimension.

Fine, but let me push this a little further. What practical good will that information be for a cover letter, lot's say?

If you are better informed about the three key areas (career, firm, industry), you can write a more compelling cover letter, That means more Job interviews. There is something else. The wry fact that you have been spcakmg with professionals about a desired career will help show how well-motivated you are and that will make you more attractive to employers.

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