Effective Resume Writing

Effective Resume Writing : Qualifications are .not the whole story. The emergence of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) has placed more emphasis on a person's ability to do a given task as opposed to sitting an exam. Training is then another necessary category to be addressed in a CV.

Making Your Training Catch Their Eye : Effective Resume Writing

It is important to consider all the training you have received. But it might not be appropriate to include all this on your CV. You consider the training you have completed. It is usual only to go back ten years. However, if you feel it would be relevant, include training that goes back further.

You are now in a position to include this information in your CV However, beware of the following.

Including too many courses attended : This can give the impression you spend all your time attending courses.

Including training that is irrelevant to the job. This can hide more relevant information.

Including training courses that happened too long ago to be still relevant, eg attended first aid course in 1963!

Using Hobbies and Interests to Sell Yourself

CV writers disagree about the benefits of including hobbies and interests in a CV. I would usually include them for the following reasons.

Subject :

Qualification received (if any) :

Additional information : Effective Resume Writing

They form a basis for discussion at the interview.

They help paint the whole picture of you.

They can highlight skills developed outside the workplace.

The interviewers will have two objectives when meeting you. They need to satisfy the following criteria.

Will this person fit in?

Can this person do the job?

CAN THE PERSON DO THE JOB? can normally be gained by assessing the person's skills and experience to date.

However, the question Will they fit in? is harder to answer. Hobbie and interests provide a clue. We will take a closer look at the role of the CV.

What are your interests? : Effective Resume Writing

Many people can be put off by the term hobby so an easier way of dealing with this is to answer the following questions.

What do I enjoy doing in my spare time?

What sports do I participate in or watch?

Am I a member of any clubs or committees?

Am I developing any particular skill or interest at a college or night school?

What did I do last weekend? What will I do this weekend?

What do I like to do on my own?

What do I like to do with others?

You should now have enough information for this section of your CV. Beware of the following.

Including too many interests….. (When does this person have time to work?)

Lying about hobbies in order to sound impressive (eg avid opera goer - you saw Pavarotti once on TV).

Including inappropriate interests….. (This depends on what we call inappropriate, but I have seen CVs that included witchcraft and euthanasia amongst a person's interests!)

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