Example of A Resume

Example of A Resume : When should college students begin developing a resume?

Although anyone can learn to develop an effective resume, it can also be helpful to consult those who specialize in the career search process. In this spirit, the following are common resume and cover letter questions posed to career counselors and other experts and their responses. We have chosen to answer only one or two questions, at the same time have weighed in on a number of topics, providing a variety of helpful tips and advice.

In considering the advice provided, keep in mind that there is room for different approaches to resume development depending on your work and education experiences as well as the career path you are pursuing. In fact, even the experts sometimes disagree about the finer points of writing effective resumes. This is an indicator that some flexibility in constructing a resume is possible and should set you at ease in building your own outstanding resume.

Good luck in your job search!

When should college students begin developing a resume? : Example of A Resume

Junior or senior year…..You'll gain experience as well as more time to have others critique your resume. Starting the process - just sitting down and actually doing it - can be the most difficult part. But think of the head start you'll have on others who waited until after they graduated.

What should I do if I have a gap in employment?

The length of the gap and the activities that preceded it and followed it are important contextual factors. If the gap was a brief and a typical blip on the screen, no harm is apparent. Longer gaps are more noticeable than shorter gaps and a series of gaps, however brief each is, is even more problematic. In some cases, using a functional resume may be one approach to minimize long or multiple gaps in employment. This entails not listing any dates for work-related activities, but describing them as a series of work functions, such as sales, management, customer relations and so on.

There are some who feel a functional resume is a red flag, but a lot depends on what the person did during the gap and the other sets of skills and experiences he or she developed outside the gap. If a person was incarcerated or in a drug rehabilitation program, that does raise a potential problem and these issues will have to be addressed carefully. Some employers are more tolerant and understanding of applicants going through rough or difficult times than others. If a person had a disability or illness of any type that precluded her or him from gainful work, that too is an important issue that will need to be thoughtfully weighed. If a person chose to raise a family, care for an ill family member or cites other helping reasons, there is far less negativity associated with these reasons behind a gap.

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