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Example of Resumes : Most cities also have fee and free help from nonprofit organizations. Check the government blue pages in your phonebook for similar organizations.

Where should I go to get help with developing my resume? : Example of Resumes

Back to school! Whether it is the career center at the college where you received your degree or your high school guidance counselor, schools almost always have someone who will help you with your resume.

Most cities also have fee and free help from nonprofit organizations. Check the government blue pages in your phonebook for similar organizations.

If you are a registered student your college or university will have a career office and your library tons of material. More and more, you can also find wonderful advice and sample materials online, much of it posted by colleges.

If you are not a student, the online material is still there. Then there are always the classics such as the Parachute series. Do not throw your money away seeking so-called professional writers. They don't care about you, they won't tailor-make your resume because they will not have time to get to know you and if they do it for you they will not be helping you to do something you should be doing yourself. This is your life! Take charge.

Use your friends and colleagues first, especially if they are in Human Resources positions or hiring roles in their companies. They will give a fresh eye to the information that you are so familiar with, help you clarify terms that might be confusing and convince you to drop a long-winded description of some great project that you've spent too many words on. Next, review your resume (before it's printed or posted anywhere electronically) with a search professional in your field. Take his or her advice to heart - these are the people who make the yes / no decisions on resumes like yours.

Start close to home. Friends and family can often serve as a second pair of eyes as you develop your resume. A respected colleague is another good resource, so long as you can trust him or her not to tell the boss you're looking for a new job! These are people who have firsthand, intimate knowledge of your work experience and who are likely familiar with the tasks that give you the greatest satisfaction. Not to mention, this help is free.

That said, if you are serious about your job search and are willing to invest in your future, professional resume help is easy to access and affordable. Check online, for starters. Resume Deli (resumedeli.com), Resume.com and Resume Edge (resumeedge.com) are three firms offering online resume services. Resume Deli is unique in that it is primarily staffed by career counselors who are also professional writers and hands-on specialists in most major industries.

You should also investigate your alma mater's career center which may (or may not) offer resume help to its alumni. But beware of a few potential drawbacks. Though staffed by professional career counselors, many university career centers are grossly understaffed and therefore can only offer minimal assistance. And you may also be forced to pony up steep alumni dues before gaining access to the help you need. In addition, many schools only serve alumni in person so if you live far away you might be out of luck.

A professional staffing company is familiar with resumes from practically every profession. That is what they do-put people to work. And their stock-in-trade is reading and critiquing resumes. Example of resumes is here.

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