Executive Assistant Cover Letter

Executive Assistant Cover Letter :

Is there a basic theme to this letter?

Yes, there is: I (Christopher) am a hard worker who is serious about retailing in general and Storeco in particular.

Harry's question and David's response are light on target. Your letter will be much more effective if it conveys a basic theme of interest to the reader. Try summarizing your letter in one sentence and see if you have a succinct theme.

How did you identify Jennifer Jones?

Our general principle is to write to the highest ranking person in the functional area Storeco's program is designed to produce buyers and Ms. Jones is the senior buyer.

You are just graduating college. Why not write to the College Relations manager?

If they have one, I could. In fact my letter may be referred there. Still, there's no harm in addressing a senior line manager. Her buckslip on top of my letter and resume may even yield some extra attention. You mention Fairchild's under product knowledge. What is that about?

Fairchild's is a well-known reference directory in the retail industry. I wanted to show that I had learned enough about the industry to utilize this source. Since most job applicants do little if any research, this should be a major point in my favor.

Have you considered the possibility that your cover letter and its partner, your resume, might be scanned and stored in a computer's memory?

Yes, indeed. I could even use this text for an e-mail, although it would probably take up more space than some templates would permit. Notice that I used different terminology in the two documents. For example, I wrote "entrepreneurial ability" in the resume and "business sense" in the cover letter. In that way, I increase the probability of scoring a computer hit if Storeco searches its job applicant file. I have also specified "Retail Management Training Program," a term Storeco may score as a hit. Mentioning trade publications may also score hits and certainly can't hurt.

Lauren interrupted with a question for me: "Richard, what, David is describing is perfectly consistent with a cover letter that will be read and acted upon directly by a human being, isn't it'?

Yes. Our principle of reframing is consistent with the idea of using synonyms and trade terminology to score hits. Adding something new also fits the scoring hits idea and reframing can't hurt. Our basic principles for cover letters haven't changed because of scanning or computer data storage.

David had done a good job in writing a cover letter to accompany Christopher's resume. Since Christopher was a recent college graduate, I suggested that our next cover letter be written for an experienced worker. Harry volunteered to take on that task. Here is the resume for which Harry would be writing a powerful partner.

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