Executive Assistant Resume Cover Letter

Executive Assistant Resume Cover Letter :

Another way your cover letter can be a partner to your resume is through reframing.

Let's think about a museum curator for a moment. The curator might have artifacts from the Aztec civilization. Without distorting the facts at all, s/he could present the artifacts to museum visitors as Aztec, Indian, North American Indian, Pre-Columbian or Mexican, depending upon the interests of the audience. When looking for a job, you can reframe resume items in your cover letter to make them of more immediate interest to your reader.

One scene I love in The Wizard of Oz is Dorothy's first meeting with the Scarecrow. When Dorothy asks for directions to the Emerald City, the Scarecrow points his arms every possible way. Lacking a sense of direction, the Scarecrow couldn't leave his long-standing place in the cornfield.

Employers avoid people who don't know where they are going. Let the employer know that you have some sense of professional direction by letting him / her know your motivation for following a yellow brick road to that firm.

Harry liked the analogies, but he was interested in seeing some concrete examples. I chose a resume for this year's members to consider. The members looked at Christopher Stuart Robin's resume and wrote a cover letter as its partner.

After the group had a chance to read Christopher's resume, I asked for ideas on what might be highlighted. This is what we suggested:

Christopher does seem to be a hard worker. That's certainly an important characteristic.

He certainly needs to highlight his motivation. He doesn't have any direct retail experience, so motivation has to be especially important to him.

These two points did indeed seem useful. To practice an additional approach, I asked to identify anything that Christopher might reframe. David suggested that Christopher's experience as a landscaper might be reframed in terms of developing basic business sense. Lauren agreed and added the possibility of using Christopher's experience as an events coordinator to show that he understands what people like.

David then started to draft a cover letter for Christopher, remembering two principles.

The cover letter is a partner to the resume. It adds value by highlighting and reframing without duplicating.

The cover letter should include new items that didn't appear on the resume at all. Motivation is one example. That's to be expected because the cover letter is directed toward a specific employer or industry.

The draft cover letter David produced is shown.

Consistent with our usual practice, we had some questions.

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