Executive Resume Templates

Executive Resume Templates :

"As a forthcoming graduate in industrial engineering, I am interested in joining Manufacturing Designs. My interest in your firm was sparked during a series of projects I completed as part of my engineering training. I know you need people of exceptional talent, so let me tell you why you should consider me for an interview ... "

In this case, an engineering major in college, is seeking to apply directly the technical training he received in college. For this reason, he is thinking clearly when he indicates his field of study in the first sentence of his opening. Since academic projects in engineering are often closely related to real-world uses, his statement about his projects is credible. In some cases, it would make the opening more powerful to mention the name of your college.

If your college is very prestigious, especially in your field…. Examples would be MIT in engineering or Amherst College in liberal arts.

If there is some basis for a connection between your college and the firm….. This would include geographic proximity, a very prominent alumnus in that firm or a history of hiring a large number of graduating students from your college.

He had been in his profession for about five years and felt it was time to take a career step in the same field. In this letter, he uses a name linking him self to the person addressed in his letter.

"I am writing at the suggestion of Tom O'Reilly, your co-chair of the Hampton Beach Civic Forum. Tom suggested I contact you because there may be a match between the talents I have developed as a finance professional and your needs. Let me tell you about some of my achievements with my current employer."

If you have a connection to the person receiving your letter, mention that connection in the first sentence. In this case, Anthony can grab "Mr. Jones's" attention by mentioning the name of a colleague to him. Mr. Jones will probably take some positive step for the sake of his relationship with Tom O'Reilly. If the individual reading the mail works for….. Mr. Jones, that person will pay special attention to Anthony's letter to protect his or her relationship with Mr. Jones.

In the second sentence, Anthony used good judgment in moving forward to his possible role in Mr. Jones's firm. Don't dwell on your connection or it will appear that you have nothing of your own to offer.

The cover letter adds to your attractiveness as a candidate in three ways.

Highlighting : You can give those positive characteristics of greatest interest to a particular employer more prominence in the cover letter than you did in your resume.

Reframing : Through your cover letter, you can put some of your experiences in a frame of reference that more closely meets the needs of the employer.

New material : Your cover letter can include material of interest to an employer that would be difficult to present in a resume. Your motivation for wanting to work for that particular company is an example.

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