Executive Resume Writing

Executive Resume Writing :

"As an experienced professional with excellent quantitative skills, I am interested in becoming a financial analyst at Dollarco. I am attracted to your firm because of the praise you have received in The Wall Street Journal and from professionals in the field with whom I have discussed my career plans. Here is what I can contribute to your firm ...”

This candidate follows a good strategy and shows appropriate self-confidence in this version of her opening paragraph. She mentions her professional experience, a decided asset, but doesn't raise her extended absence from the work force, a possible obstacle. In the same sentence, she draws a connection to her field of interest through positive characteristic, namely quantitative skills. She lets the reader know that she has researched the firm (The Wall Street Journal) and has discussed it with "professionals in the field."

This last point is sometimes helpful because people tend to be curious about what others tlunk of them or their employer. Her seriousness (research) and tweaking of curiosity provide an inducement to read the rest of her letter.

"Kenneth Hart, chief financial officer at Sunderland Savings Bank, suggested that I write to you regarding a position as a market research analyst at Carbo Soda Company. Mr. Hart made this suggestion because he knows of my longstanding interest in market research and my exploration of careers in the beverage industry."

This opening assumes that the person you are writing to knows Kenneth Hart and would react positively to. his name. David used the technique of a third-party testimonial in the cond sentence. Since the reader knows Kenneth Hart, the statement about David's longstanding interest gains more credibility.

"I am interested in joining your staff in a policy analyst role. My interest in Blubber is Our Brother stems from a desire to contribute my talent to a cause that has aroused my passion: saving the whales. Let me tell you what I can contribute to the goals of your organization. "

Lauren is using good sense here. When applying to a nonprofit or advocacy group, it's important to remember that these are professional organizations with a various purpose.

Therefore, you need to make it clear that you are a serious person who can make serious contributions. Passion for the cause by itself won't get you the interview, let alone the job. To use a for-profit example, do you think Charlie's Cola Company would interview you simply because you emphasize a passion for drinking their product? Probably not.

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