Free Blank Resume Form

Free Blank Resume Form : Having secured an interview or meeting, half the battle is won before the interview begins. It is won due to one thing, preparation.


Let's examine the two main types of interview.

The telephone interview

The face to face to interview

Handling the telephone interview :

Advertisements for jobs may end with the following.

The Interviewer – Your CV – You….

For more information and an informal discussion, please ring.. .

In the first instance telephone...

For an application form, please telephone the Personnel department on...

Many people, without thinking, simply pick up the telephone and call. Don't. There may be a number of reasons why the company asked you to call.

A list will be compiled of those people who did call. (This may be part of the criteria for the short listing process.)

The company may disclose further information not included on the advert which may aid your application.

How well you communicate on the telephone may be vital for the position you are applying for. By inviting you to telephone, they are able to ascertain your ability.

There is a high cost involved in sending out application form! Asking you to telephone is a way in which to sift the applicant!

The vacancy may need to be filled quickly. A mini interview over the phone may then decide who is invited to a face to face.

Be prepared before you phone. :

Of course, it may be none of the above. You may just be asked for your name and address and an application form will be sent to You.

You won't know for sure until you ring. So...

Be prepared mentally. This may turn into a telephone interview.

Re-read your CV before calling and have it ready to refer to whilst on the phone.

Prepare a list of questions to highlight your interest in the company.

Have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

Choose a quiet place where you will be free from interruptions.

Be positive and smile!

Follow up your agreed action immediately. If asked to send your CV do so that day. Send it first class and to a named person.

Preparing for your FACE TO FACE :

Having secured an interview or meeting, half the battle is won before the interview begins. It is won due to one thing, preparation.

When we are asked to attend an interview, there are a number of issues to consider.

• Have I confirmed I can attend?

• Do I know how to get there?

• Do I know what kind of interview to expect?

• Have I practised the journey?

• What do I know about the company or the person I am meeting?

• Have I a list of questions to ask?

• Am I happy with my personal preparation?

• What certificates or testimonials will I be taking?

We can deal with all of the above and more, but still be very nervous and lacking in confidence. Why? Because we are wondering what questions will be asked as you know, your CV is likely to be the focal point of your interview. So….

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