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Free Cover Letter Example : Similarly, many people have skills needed in a particular profession, even though they may have acquired that skill in a different context.

We went beyond just collecting information. We thought about how to apply what we learned to ourselves. To make our research and self-reflection available for later use, we developed a chart. Notice how we usually found an example of where we had demonstrated, achieved or learned a skill even though we had never been a market researcher. Similarly, many people have skills needed in a particular profession, even though they may have acquired that skill in a different context.

Combining our research, our exploration through SIGI Plus and our own self-reflection, we now had gained these assets for pursuing a job in marketing research.

A sense of the field and its related occupations

Knowledge of what skills were needed in the field

Examples of where we had demonstrated, achieved or learned these skills in the past

We have to explore sources for a given industry or set of products. The steps would be applicable to most industries or products. In a particular case, we decided to research consumer edibles (and drinkables). Personal interest and career opportunities might combine, at least in terms of this project. We established our criteria for a good source to start with

Easily accessible


Intelligible to a non-expert

The handy Standard & Poor's reference contained at least several pages of information about hundreds of industries. We saw that under FOOD, there was a separate entry for Beverages. We looked under Beverages and noted that this category was further divided into alcoholic and nonalcoholic. That's an important distinction. Given the values, we really couldn't work for a beer or wine company. Besides, the nonalcoholic beverage industry is big enough for this project. we will narrow my research to nonalcoholic beverages. The reference book had about three pages on that topic.

The first thing was that soda sales (the carbonated subset of nonalcoholic beverages) were flattening out and that a continued slowdown is likely ... attributable to changing lifestyles and purchasing patterns. This would make the plans to change to that career more difficult. We should keep it in mind as we develop our job-search strategy.

The article went on to discuss the spirited competition for market share Coca-Cola accounted for 40.7 percent of U.S. soft drink volume and Pepsi - 31 percent. Coke was trying to introduce a new product to counter gains by its competitor. Despite the flattening sales, the profit picture for the industry was bright because of a decrease in the price of sweeteners. There are a lot of factors to learn about.

Under the heading NEW DIRECTIONS IN THE 1990s, we discovered that both Coke and Pepsi were increasing their efforts to market noncola brands. Also interesting was the launching of joint ventures with noncola companies, such as one between Coke and Nestle's. It's not the same soda world.

It further read that U.S. soda companies were aggressively pursuing foreign markets to offset the slowdown in the U.S. market. The down-home product has an international profit.

It noted that Beverage Industry magazine was cited as a source for much of the article's data. That periodical might come in handy later.

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