Free Interview Questions

Free Interview Questions :

In fact here I would say that I look at a person who has had absolutely no failures in his career as someone who has played safe and never taken any serious individual initiatives. I have observed that people who have learnt from failures are the best and above all - Integrity!

K. Ramachandran – CEO - Philips India Ltd….

Grooming is important - all aspects of it. It reflects attention to detail and care. I look at their attitude - it’s very important. Attitude is often a differentiator, reflecting the values she/he holds.

Regarding speech, I look at articulation and the ability to convey an idea or a thought process. Brevity, being to the point and avoiding long-winded perambulatory responses are important.

The curriculum vitae should not be more than two-three pages long. The focus should be on what they did, not on the company they worked for.

Punctuality is critical. It reflects attitude. Regarding education, quality institutions of learning make a difference.

The family background is very important. This does not mean wealth or means… but what values she/he learnt, family dynamics - large/small…. what parents and siblings do... all add up.

Other factors I look for are the applicant’s hunger for the job….whether she/he is a job-hopper, career learnings.

Jehangir N. Katgara - Director – TCI

In today’s corporate world, the opportunity to switch jobs and careers is available. Thus job-seekers are definitely in a more favourable position than their colleagues of yesteryear.

Time is also of the essence for the interviewer. Thus, when one is inundated with applications, well-presented, concise CVs, accompanied by a recent photograph are given preference while choosing an applicant who could be a potential contributor to the organisation.

Yuppie attitudes and platitudes no longer have a place in the market. Enthusiasm is sought out. Potential job-seekers must refrain from extolling their own virtues and be confident about giving adequate responses to the questions.

Group discussions do bring out the potential of the individual to be a team leader, to take over or to be part of the team. Thinking logically, discussing rationally and convincingly are qualities employers seek in new recruits, particularly at middle-level management and above.

Other qualities I look for are family background, grooming, attitude and the overall presentation of oneself, including existing job knowledge.

Grooming….This is essential and in some ways reflects the mind of the individual. Well-ironed and clean clothes show attention to detail and a methodical, organised work approach. On the other hand…. an individual who is not well-groomed may reflect casualness on the job, lack of detail, etc.

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