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Free Job Interview Tips :

Words of Warning

Untruths :

Do not write anything in a CV that is untrue. If you do, the chances of your being found out will always hang over you like a Damoclean sword. And even after several years of employment it can be a reason for dismissal. Honesty is always the best policy. In October 2002 eye-care products maker Bausch & Lomb said its chief executive did not have a graduate degree in business as his company biography once claimed. Veritas Software dismissed its Chief Financial Officer, Kenneth Lonchar, after discovering he did not have an MBA from Stanford Business College as he claimed. According to Sunit Mehra of Hunt Partners, a firm that specialises in CEO and board searches... "At least 10- 15% of job seekers fib in their job resumes. But most of them are found out through interviews, references and cross-checking with others. The most common fibs are the last salaries drawn and candidates' claiming they are still employed in a company they are no longer working for."

Avoid sins of commission:

Typographic errors will reduce the effectiveness of your cv.

Errors of omission:

After you have written your CV, spend time to make sure that you have not forgotten anything of importance because the omission could lose you the position.

Do not blather. :

Do not write blather with the intent of trying to impress. Your achievements should do the talking. Blather will tend to confuse and often the reader will not understand what you are trying to convey. "Utilise knowledge of established contracting techniques, principles and practices and utilise knowledge of procurement regulations to develop, coordinate and award a variety of concurrent or sequential contract actions." If your CV reads like this, you should rewrite it. You should also avoid plodding, preposterous platitudes. A good test is to read your CV out loud. If it sounds stilted, artificial and self-important, rewrite it. A CV can literally make or break your career. Therefore don't take the writing of a CV lightly. A word of caution. It must be truthful. Do not list fictitious achievements or other untruths. You will be found out.

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