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Free Online Resume : From my experience, this seems to be increasingly the case. Some People do feel uncomfortable approaching their contacts when looking for work or new business. This is usually because….<

USING YOUR CONTACTS : Free Online Resume

It's not what you know. It’s who you know.

From my experience, this seems to be increasingly the case. Some People do feel uncomfortable approaching their contacts when looking for work or new business. This is usually because….

Some people prefer to be judged solely on their own merit and do not want to gain an unfair advantage over others.

People do not want to appear pushy by approaching contacts and possibly jeopardising their relationship.

However, it is worth remembering that…

Companies prefer to interview and recruit people who have been recommended to them.

The majority of people may be flattered that you have approached them and will probably be only too willing to help.

A lot will depend on your attitude and approach.

How to make the approach?

This will depend on the relationship you have with the person. It is important to remember the following.

You are not asking for a job, but for advice and information that may lead to one.

As long as people are clear about what you are asking for, there should not be a problem.

What advice or information could they give you?

They may give the name of a person in the organisation to contact about vacancies.

They could collect an application form for you to complete.

They could inform you of any vacancies they may be aware of.

They could suggest places for you to apply to.

They could give advice concerning your CV. (Asking a person for comments about your CV is a subtle way of informing them of all the skills and experience you have!)

They may not be able to help you themselves, but may be able to put you in contact with someone who can.

Who to contact?

Some people say, 'but I don't really know anyone.' Really? Let's look at some potential contacts.

Contacts at club, group or society you belong to….



Friends you see socially

Ex-work mates

People you see on a daily basis (postman)

Within each category, there may be many people you can list. It is often surprising how many people we come into contact with on a regular basis. Some of these people we will hardly know, but they could all be a potential source of help.

Take some time now to think about the people you have contact with or could approach for help. Then do the following.

Review your activities over the last two weeks and write down who you have come into contact with (eg postman, neighbours, shop assistants, relatives, friends, work colleagues, students, mobile hairdressers etc .... ).

Look through your address book and diary and make a note of all your contacts.

Now list those people likely to be of some assistance to you. You should be able to list at least 20 names.

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