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Free Resume Form : We have seen how facing rejection is almost a prerequisite for achieving success. How can we come to terms with this? The best antidote to depression is action.


We have seen the importance of attitude and our own outlook must take these changes into account.

We must be...


Be prepared to change with the times rather than resisting them.


We must adapt and develop our skills to needs of the market.

Education must be seen as an ongoing process no matter what your age. People must be prepared to learn new skills.

Risk takers

There is no guarantee of a job for life any more. We must be prepared to work on a self employed basis.

Long term in our outlook

Walking into the job of our dreams is unlikely to happen for most of us. We must be prepared to study or to do voluntary work in order to gain experience and new skills, even if the payoff is not immediate. We must see some jobs as stepping stones to something better.

Realistic in our expectations

If we are changing careers, we may have to accept a lower salary. If we are starting a business, we need to give it time to grow. If we have qualifications but little experience, we must be prepared to start at a lower level in order to acquire experience.


Change is easier to accept when we are positive about it. We need to see these changes as opportunities, not as problems.

Sales people

That's where your CV comes in! Whatever skills or experience we have, we still need to sell ourselves. This is an attitude that should encompass not only our CV but all aspects of our job search or business development.

The future does not belong to the strongest, but to those who are best able to adapt to change. - Charles Darwin


We have seen how facing rejection is almost a prerequisite for achieving success. How can we come to terms with this? The best antidote to depression is action. Implementing our action plan will make us feel better, becauseā€¦.

Right feelings follow right actions.

There are two responses to rejection.

REJECTION - NON ACTION - Nothing to look forward to - DEPRESSION

REJECTION - ACTION - You now have new irons in the fire - HOPE

In order to further lift your spirits, review your CV. By now, you have developed your own sales brochure. You have recalled achievements, identified your skills and been equipped with the knowledge of how to market yourself successfully.

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