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Free Resume Formats : There is more to you than meets the eye. Throughout my years working with people who are seeking alternative employment, I have often heard the following comments.

So What Have You Got to Sell?

I have only ever worked in --. What else can I do?

I am only a housewife.

I will never get another job. There is no demand for what I do.

I don't have any qualifications. That’s my biggest problem.

I know I can do the job. But I haven't got the experience.

These comments are understandable and commonly heard. Which can you relate to? Can you think of any others?

A trap we often fall into is this….We focus on our labels and not our skills.

To put it in another way….We concentrate on what we are called rather than on what we can do.

We tend to view ourselves in the following way.

Office worker….machinist….student….housewife…

However, it is more helpful and constructive to view oneself as a person who possesses a wide range of skills in a number of areas.

Creativity skills

People skills

Problem solving skills

Manual skills / Practical skills

Mathematical skills / Mental skills

Communication skills

We should see ourselves in this way and not with tunnel vision which may blind us to the wide range of opportunities that exist. Let us see free resume formats.

Doing A Personal Stock Take :

The exercise will help you to identify the skills you have which are readily transferable into other contexts. When completing this, please think about your abilities in both work and leisure activities. Many skills such as budgeting and organising may well have been developed in the home. It does not matter whether you are paid for what you do. The important question is…do you believe you possess some skill in this area?

There are six categories to complete in this exercise. This is not exhaustive and you may wish to add further skills or categories. Place a tick in the box if you consider yourself proficient in the area. Write down an example which demonstrates your skill in that area.


• Listening to others

• Encouraging others

• Resolving conflict

• Motivating people

• Teaching/training others

• Organising people

• Any others


• Making repairs

• Building

• Taking measurements

• Maintaining equipment

• Operating machinery

• Using a computer

• Any others


• Using the telephone

• Dealing assertively with people

• Story telling

• Public speaking/giving talks

• Talking to people in authority with confidence

• Writing letters

• Completing forms

• Any others


• Memorising figures

• Estimating

• Planning

• Making rapid calculations

• Judging distances

• Budgeting

• Keeping accounts

• Any others


• Working out routes

• Crosswords

• Coming up with new ideas

• Analysing alternatives

• Diagnosing faults or causes of problems

• Interpreting data

• Any others


• Creative writing

• Designing(decorating a room

• Finding alternative uses for things

• Craft making

• Musical

• Drama

• Improvising

• Cooking

• Using colours creatively

• Any others

Review the exercise you have done.

Which categories had most ticks?

Of all the skills you have, which would you include in your top 10?

List them below.

I am particularly skilled in :

1 _

2 _

3 _

4 _

5 _

6 _

7 _

8 _

9 _

10 _

Don't worry if you were not able to list 10 skills.

If you can, ask someone you know to go through the exercise with you. Do they identify skills you had not included?

What are your reflections on doing this exercise? Any surprises?

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