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Free Resume Forms : Although anyone can learn to develop an effective resume, it can also be helpful to consult those who specialize in the career search process. In this spirit, the following are common resume and cover letter questions posed to career counselors and other experts and their responses.


346 Buena Vista – Pocatello - Idaho - 83251
(208) 555 - 6682 or E-mail :


Construction foreman for housing Construction Company


Experience in a wide range of construction and wood products occupations

Thorough knowledge of indigenous woods and their suitability for construction

Twenty years of supervisory experience


Supervisor - Twin Peaks Plywood – Pocatello - ID

Trained and supervised mill workers in all areas of mill operation

Scheduled shifts of 24 workers each, three shifts a day

Worked relief schedule on weekends

Developed safety awareness program

Monitored safety procedures

Consulted with SAIF inspectors for methods of improving working environment safety

Employed continuously from 1988 to present

Shift Foreman - Idaho Lumber Supply – Boise - ID

Supervised splitters, pullers and saw operators on day shift

Trained workers in all aspects of lumber mill operation

Monitored safety procedures

Employed initially as mill worker

Worked seasonally from 1982 to 1988 (moved)

Carpentry Crewman - Dales Construction – Boise - ID

Worked on carpentry crew building residential dwellings and office complexes in Boise and environs

Experienced with foundation work, roofing, Sheetrocking and finish carpentry

Worked seasonally from 1979 to 1988 (moved)

Woodworker - Ames Oak Furniture – Boise - ID

Operated lathe, power saw, miter saw, drill press, scroll saw, burnishing sander and other power equipment in the manufacture and finishing of oak furniture

Employed full-time from 1977 to 1979 (business relocated out of state)


Boise Central High School - graduated 1977


International Mill Workers Local #655

Carpenters Local #2815

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