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Free Resume Samples : An adaptable and enthusiastic individual, who takes great pride in his / her work, communicates well at all levels and is able to form working elationships quickly with a wide range of people and possesses excellent administrative skills and is computer literate.

Example profiles : Free Resume Samples

An experienced supervisor who has developed good people/management skills….

Able to organise people and systems effectively in order to achieve objectives

Used to working under pressure and to meeting strict deadlines

A business graduate who has combined academic study along-side a successful placement with a major blue chip company…

Gained experience managing and motivating others whilst directing student theatre production

Ambitious and enthusiastic with a mature approach to life

As a mechanical engineer I have gained experience of both heavy and light industrial equipment, particularly in the area of hydraulics

HND qualified and willing to study further in order to progress my career

Comfortable communicating with senior management or on the shop floor

An accomplished and qualified business and management trainer who quickly develops rapport with people

Dynamic and humorous approach helps create a stimulating learning environment

Maintains complete professionalism in all business matters

A conscientious and reliable sales assistant trained to NVQ level III

A friendly and positive approach to customers ensures good working relationships are established….

Holds current first aid certificate….

Writing your profile

Refer back to your key skills.

Now review the list of words circled in Helpful words to use in your CV.

Combine these and using the examples as a guide, write your own profile below.

Write two versions….

One aimed at a specific job or career

A general multi-purpose version

A CV does not necessarily require a personal profile and there are some instances when it may not be appropriate to have one.

When applying to go on a course for further study. (Educational qualifications may be the most important criteria.)

These are Free Resume Samples.

School leavers will find it difficult to sell skills and experience which they have yet to acquire.

You may not feel comfortable having one.

Being confident in your profile

In Profiles can provide an excellent summary of your skills and experience. But we need to be careful not to go over the top. As it is only our opinion of ourselves, we must be able to justify the statements. It is also important that we use words we are comfortable with and understand. We do not want to give the impression that this person sounds too good to be true.


When a person reads your career history, they want to know….

• What you have done

• For how long

• What you achieved

• What skills you have developed

However, when presenting a career history, common mistake are to…

Include irrelevant information (eg address of company worked for)

Write a lengthy job description (not what you achieved or what skills you developed)

Use jargon (which the reader does not understand)

REJECTION ….The inevitable consequence of the above factors.

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