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Free Resume Software : What is the biggest advantage of posting my resume electronically?

What is the biggest advantage of posting my resume electronically? : Free Resume Software

It is essential to do this as it makes it easier for employers or search people to move your resume around and to reference it from anywhere they may be. There are many places to post your resume online. You can google those websites which enjoy good reputation among the employers and which collect some amount as subscription as monthly feees. Since the invention of internet, many employers have come forward to rely on website to search their prospective employees.

The biggest advantage of posting your resume electronically is the potential for it to be seen by large numbers of employers seeking skills that you possess. However, it is imperative that your resume contain keywords relevant to the positions you are seeking in order for your resume to gain visibility.

Far and away, the greatest advantage of posting your resume electronically to one or more job search websites is the wide exposure it will receive. Few people are aware that there are literally hundreds of job search sites on the Web. Some, such as Career Builder ( and Monster (, cater to the vast majority of job seekers, while others target specific industries or geographic areas.

Posting your resume to tens of job search sites sounds like a daunting task, but online services such as Resume Rabbit ( help job seekers to hop to it by posting their resumes to multiple job search sites in one fell swoop.

That's the upside. The downside of an online job search is that you do not get to fully target your resume and cover letter. Because you never know who's on the receiving end. And creating a more generic resume is a sure way to sell yourself short. So, as easy as electronic posting can be, you don't want to fall into the trap of using this method exclusively. Be sure to complement your online job search by making personal contacts, networking and using a targeted resume to apply for specific jobs of interest.

With the advent of the Internet and electronic job boards, the biggest advantage of posting your resume relates to the mass exposure you might receive from hiring companies. There's also a big disadvantage, however. This is simply not the most effective way to pinpoint - or personalize-your job search.

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