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Free Resume Templates : We have examined the different styles we can use to present career history. At this stage, we need to start gathering the facts. Before we do, let's deal with some common questions about our career history.

Common questions

How far do I have to go back?

This depends on your personal circumstances. The further back the job is, the less you need to write about it. The reader wants an overview of how long you've worked and your experience, but will be more interested specifically in what you have been doing in the last five to ten years.

Some jobs I did only lasted a short time. Do I have to include all of them?

Again, this depends on your circumstances. If you are a school /college leaver, then it may be appropriate to include summer and part-time jobs. This is not necessary if you have been employed for a lengthy period in a succession of permanent jobs.

In the last two years I have worked for an agency in eight different companies. Some assignments lasted for three months, others for three days. How do I write that on my CV?

Rather than go into detail about every position, summa rise your work, for example:

2004-2006 Jobwise Agency - Successfully worked on a number of projects ranging from administration to warehouse work.

You could still highlight any particular achievements or skills developed during that period.

I have been bringing up a family for the last seven years and therefore have not worked. How do I put that on my CV?

Although you have not been in paid employment, you have been working! Raising a family is no picnic. It will be helpful to analyse the skills you have developed during this period and for career history purposes write.

1999-2006 - Raising a young family and managing the running of a busy home

You should mention the relevant facts and experience without fail in your resume. This will help the reader to analyze your skills and achievements. What may seem unimportant to you may seem important in the point of view of the reader. So, never ignore your skills and work experience.

Achievements and skills : Free Resume Templates

Now, starting with your current or most recent job….The questions are asked in order to help you focus on your achievements and the skills used to do the job. Repeat the exercise for your previous positions if appropriate.

Having completed this exercise and written your profile, the bulk of your CV is done. What remains now is how to present your career history.

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