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Free Resume Writer : There are different types of interview. They may take place face to face or over the phone.

Colin Burrows registers with an agency.

Colin has applied for a variety of jobs without gaining an interview. It is realistic to conclude that however effective your CV is, there may be a number of reasons why you are not obtaining interviews.

• You may be too old / young.

• Someone else had more relevant experience.

• You were based in the wrong location.

• Someone else was already in line for the job.

• Any others?

Colin, faced with a series of rejection letters, has therefore registered with an agency. He was asked by his interviewer.

Convince me that you are prepared to take a drop in salary.

Define 'within reasonable driving distance from Warrington' to me.

Why have you never stayed in one job longer than five years?

What would you not want a company to know about you?

Colin has been asked a number of difficult questions by the interviewer from the agency. Why? The agency may have a number of positions Colin may be suitable for. How Colin answers these questions will help clarify in their minds what kind of person he is and how he copes under pressure. The agency is doing Colin a favour by asking such questions. It is good preparation for future interviews. Remember also that this may only be an interview with an agency. But Colin still has to sell himself. The agency may want to present a shortlist of suitable candidates to their client. In order to maintain their own reputation, it is important that the agency submits credible candidates.

Colin's CV and covering letter were the focal point for his discussion with the agency. Prior preparation will help Colin deal confidently with questions asked. In order to help Colin's preparation and your own, ask yourself…

What questions would I want to ask, if I was reading this CV the first time?


Action Points

There are different types of interview. They may take place face to face or over the phone.

Whatever type of interview, preparation is vital.

Review the four key areas the interviewers want to satisfy in their own minds.

What is on your CV will in most cases be the focal point of the interview. Therefore, make sure you know your CV.

We must be prepared to back up and justify everything on our CV.

Prepare examples and bring testimonials and certificates if necessary.

Points to Consider

What feelings do people typically experience when preparing for interview?

What is it about an interview that generates these feelings?

What is the worst thing that can happen at an interview?

Why is putting the interview into perspective so important?

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