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Free Resume Writing Online : Utilised tact, diplomacy and a determined attitude in order to achieve the establishing of further child care facilities in the locality

Clare Griffiths' CV

Name : Clare Griffiths

Date of Birth : 15.08.69

Address :

14 Bronwich Close
Stockton Heath

Status : Married - 2 children

Health : Excellent

Telephone : (01925) 333335


A well organised individual used to working under pressure - Communicates well both written and orally and enjoys working with a wide range of people - Self motivated with an outgoing personality and the determination to succeed

Key Skills and Achievements

Responsible for an annual household budget exceeding £15000

Parent governor of a school with over 250 pupils

Utilised tact, diplomacy and a determined attitude in order to achieve the establishing of further child care facilities in the locality

Works well under pressure and to tight deadlines

Able to motivate and organise others in order to achieve objectives

Runner up in the Bank Employee of the Year award in 1999

Career History : Free Resume Writing Online

1985 - 1998 Barclays Bank PIc.

1989 - 1998 Senior Personnel Assistant (Staff Accounts)

Authorised all staff borrowing in the Bank which included personal loans and overdraft requests within discretions up to £35000

Deputised in Personnel Administrator's absence and acted as a point of contact for all managers and staff throughout the Bank (circa 4500 stall) on staff account issues

1985 - 1989 Payroll Clerk

Updated and maintained employee records via manual and PC systems and provided payroll assistance to Bank staff

Covered all payroll procedures including SMP, SSP, PAYE and the executive payroll

Achieved weekly / monthly payroll deadlines


1979 - 1985 Appleton Grammar School - 7 0 levels (including Maths and English)


Currently studying RSA Stage 1 Word Processing

Hobbies / Interests

Keep fit, School Parent Governor, Camping with family


Despite not working in paid employment for eight years, Clare has been able to demonstrate up-to-date skills and achievements, including the managing of a £15000 a year household budget. She also gives a good overview of her banking experience. Although she does not want to return to this field, she does not dismiss the experience gained which illustrates her administrative background and the responsibility entrusted to her.

The initial layout of her CV is very common. However, including all this information at the beginning of her CV draws attention to her personal circumstances rather than to her skills and experience.

Clare also used initials, eg SMP and SSP, when describing her payroll duties. Although most readers would be expected to understand what these stood for, she may want to consider writing these out in full in future.

We commented on Clare's profile in the previous chapter, so in summary, Clare has an effective CV which compensates well for her lack of recent paid employment. Moving her personal details towards the end of the CV could help this to become even more effective.

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