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Free Resumes : Where would you place your personal details on a CV? Why has the style of CVs changed so much in recent years?

Brian Lynch's CV

12 Foxglove Close
West Yorkshire
Tel (01274) 599999

An excellent man manager with 9 year supervisory experience

Communicates well at all levels and has developed a wide range of practical skills.

Intelligent with the ability to solve problems using initiative and a creative approach

Key Skills / Experience gained whilst being responsible for the supervision of staff and multimillion pound equipment within a major industrial complex

Manage and supervise 50 staff on a regular basis and up to 200 on occasions.

Liaising and consulting with senior management on matters relating to productivity and safe practices

Motivating and inspiring colleagues to achieve optimum productivity whilst working to strict deadlines

Implementing health and safety regulations

Originating the deployment of staff over a 3 shift system and being accountable for both productivity and work standards

Checking the performance and suitability of safety equipment

Career History

(1981 - 2006) British Coal/U'K Coal plc

(1997 - 2006) Supervisor (Deputy)

(1981 - 1995) Production and Haulage Work


Completed Supervisors course which included Management, Communication and Team Building skills - Also incorporated health and safety and work related legislation

On the job training in the operation and maintenance of a wide range of heavy industrial equipment

Personal Details

Status : Divorced

Date of Birth : 8th September 1965

Clean driving licence and a non-smoker

Interests : Free Resumes

Fishing, golf and DIY


Brian's aim was to sell his management skills and not to litter CV with constant references to mining. We saw how he had been in relation to outlining his key skills and experience. Brian's profile targets his intention to stay in management role, but is general enough to apply to any particular industry.

Brian has worked for British Coal for 25 years, but much of this experience is now irrelevant and is omitted from his CV. His job title at British Coal was Deputy which will mean very little to anyone outside the industry. He therefore refers to himself as a Supervisor.

Brian left school without taking any exams and has decided not to include a section on education in his CV as it will not enhance his application.

Brian has successfully compiled a CV that emphasises his management skills, which, although acquired in mining, are easily transferable to other industries.


Action points

It may appropriate to have more than one version of your CV.

Different styles of CV are useful to have, depending on your circumstances and objectives.

Your CV must look good and be easy to read.

You can tailor your CV to a particular job in order to draw attention to relevant skills and experience.

Jargon should only be used when we know the reader will understand it.

There is no perfect way to write a CV….but only an appropriate way.

Points to consider

How honest are we being when we deliberately tailor our CV?

Where would you place your personal details on a CV?

Why has the style of CVs changed so much in recent years?

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