Free Sample Resume Template

Free Sample Resume Template : To get you started, following is a list of things to keep in mind when creating electronic resumes.

ELECTRONIC RESUMES : Free Sample Resume Template

If you are planning to use this resume online or you suspect your potential employer is likely to scan your resume, you will want to include a key-word in the objective. This allows a prospective employer, searching hundreds of resumes for a specific skill or position objective, to locate the keyword and find your resume.

In essence, a keyword is what's hot in your particular field at a given time. It's a buzzword, a shorthand way of getting a particular message across at a glance.

For example, if you are a lawyer, you might mention in your objective your desire to work in the area of corporate litigation. In this case, someone searching for the keyword corporate litigation will pull up your resume and know that you want to plan, research and present cases at trial on behalf of the corporation.

If your objective states that you desire a challenging position in systems design, the keyword is systems design, an industry-specific, shorthand way of saying that you want to be involved in assessing the need for, acquiring and implementing high-technology systems.

Every industry has keywords and it's becoming more and more important to include a few in your resume. You may need to conduct additional research to make sure you know what keywords are most likely to be used in your desired industry, profession or situation.

There are many resume and job-search sites online. Like most things in the online world, they vary a great deal in quality. Use your discretion. If you plan to apply for jobs online or advertise your availability this way, you will want to design a scannable resume. This type of resume uses a format that can be easily scanned into a computer and added to a database. Scanning allows a prospective employer to use keywords to quickly review each applicant's experience and skills and (in the event that there are many candidates for the job) to keep your resume for future reference.

Many people find that it is worthwhile to create two or more versions of their basic resume. You may want an intricately designed resume on high-quality paper to mail or hand out and a resume that is designed to be scanned into a computer and saved on a database or an online job site.

You can even create a resume in ASCII text to E-mail to prospective employers. For further information, you may wish to refer to the Guide to Internet Job Searching, by Frances Roehm and Margaret Dikel - updated and published every other year by VGM Career Books - a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies. This excellent book contains helpful and detailed information about formatting a resume for Internet use. To get you started, following is a list of things to keep in mind when creating electronic resumes.

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  • Related Links : Free Sample Resume Template