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Free Sample Resume : There are a variety of ways to tap into the unadvertised jobs market. These approaches are equally applicable if you are self-employed or currently studying and looking to secure a placement.

HOW TO SPECULATE : Free Sample Resume

There are a variety of ways to tap into the unadvertised jobs market. These approaches are equally applicable if you are self-employed or currently studying and looking to secure a placement.


Both local and national papers can be a rich source of information.

They offer….

articles about companies expanding or which have won new orders

advance news of a new company moving into the area

information about new business park developments

recruitment advertisements including contact names and addresses of companies recruiting

It is not uncommon to see such headlines as 'Stoke Company Set To Expand', 'Smith Ltd To Open New Factory In Bolton' or '200 Jobs To Be Created In New Business Park'.

So you will benefit from reading the papers, especially the business section, every day and not just when you expect jobs to be advertised.

The Internet : Free Sample Resume

Finding out about organisations has never been so easy since the growth of the Internet. The challenge is wading through the amount of information available. One excellent site to visit is which has a section called Opportunities for Employment. This provides information on employers who are expanding and recruiting large numbers of staff. You might be able to contact the organisation before these intended jobs have been advertised. You could also visit which lists companies by industry type and you can narrow your search by focusing on particular locations. Alternatively, if you are interested in particular companies you can phone and ask for their website address.

The library

Many people I speak to stopped visiting the library about the same time they stopped believing in Father Christmas! Yet the library can provide you with so much information. Make it part of your action plan to visit one as soon as possible. Not only can you read the newspapers for free, but also other materials that can provide you with a wealth of information. These include…

Business directories

A number of directories can be found in a good reference library, such Kompass or Kellys. The information they contain about companies includes….

• name, address and telephone number

• financial turnover

• number of employees

• product range or services offered

• names of owners or directors

This information is useful because it answers two important questions…

Is this the kind of company (ie size, type of business) that I want to work for?

Who is the person I should write to?

People fall into the trap of ignoring the second question. As we have seen, one of the reasons our CV may fail is because it was not read by the right person. This happens because, for example, if we write to a job title such as the personnel manager….

Such a position may not even exist.

Even if it does, as it is not specifically addressed to a named person, it is more likely to be read by a junior member of staff and the decision maker may never see it.

The chances of our CV being read are increased if it is addressed to a named person.

Consider this point.

We all receive junk mail through our letter box. What are we most likely to read, addressed to THE OCCUPIER or those addressed to us personally?

As these directories can sometimes be out of date, it is always to phone first of all, either to check the name of the person or have been unable to find a contact name, simply to ask for one. Most companies will usually divulge this information. If they don’t, you may find help from another source.

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