Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Frequently Asked Interview Questions :

Are You a Self Motivator?

Review sample answers to the interview question…Are you a self motivator? When you respond, keep in mind that companies are seeking motivated and enthusiastic employees.

Absolutely… I am a very active person and I enjoy my work. I'm always looking for new and innovative ideas to bring to a project.

I believe I am a self motivator. I give my all to a project and am always looking ahead to the next one at hand. Successfully completing one and moving on to the next is very exciting for me. I am passionate about my work and truly enjoy working toward the next big goal.

I have always been self motivated. Coming from my background, not very much was expected of me after I finished High School. I always wanted more and put myself through College and Grad School with very little support from my family. In the workplace, I bring that same drive to managing projects and deadlines.

How many hours do you normally work?

Be careful before you answer questions about how many hours a week you work. You don't want to be construed as a slacker or as someone who works too many hours. At some companies, the norm is a 40 hour week and everyone goes home on time. At others, everyone might work 50 or 60 hours a week.

However, working a lot of hours isn't necessarily a good thing - it could mean you're not productive enough to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. So, unless you’re sure about the company culture and expectations, the safest answer is not to mention a certain number of hours. Rather, mention that you work as much as necessary to get the job done.

If you stayed with your current company, what would be your next move?

The upward mobility at my current company would most likely be in the global marketing department.

How do you measure success?

I measure professional success by the standards of the company for which 1 work, the feedback I receive from my peers, supervisors and subordinates. Personally, it is to know I'm regarded as a good husband, father and member of society.

Describe your dream job.

As a child, I dreamed of being the starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. When I realized I did not have a fast ball or a change –up… I concentrated on my skills in marketing because I realized it is an area where I not only can make significant contributions. But I enjoy using my talent in a corporate environment.

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