Good Answers to Interview Questions

Good Answers to Interview Questions :

To calm yourself down, breathe slowly, deeply and with a regular rhythm. Don’t take shallow gulps and tighten your muscles. Imagine yourself answering the questions in a confident manner. Mental rehearsals reinforce expected behaviour and will make you feel more confident.

If your hand sweats because of nervousness, keep a handkerchief in your hands. The last thing you would want is to shake hands with wet clammy hands. Smile. It is amazing how a smile relaxes one.

Usually, one finds company magazines / joumals or other company-related literature available at the reception or waiting room. These contain information about the company such as its mission, its products, its major markets, its current financial position, its recent developments, its future strategies and the like. This information can be effectively used during the interview. Don’t read anything that would divert your focus from the immediate purpose - such as a novel or general interest magazine.

Many find it helpful to talk to other candidates to relieve their nervousness. If you decide to do so I suggest that you gauge the mood of the other candidate first before making an approach. Everybody may not like an intrusion into their private space, especially at moments like these. Different people handle similar situations differently. Folded arms, crossed legs, eyes averted or immersed in reading tells you not to intrude. A relaxed sitting posture and willingness to smile or making eye contact indicates a greater openness.

If you start a conversation with someone, make sure that it is not irritating or creating discomfort to other candidates present. Always be considerate. There may be someone (another waiting to be interviewed) who may start a conversation with you. There is no harm in being polite and speaking with him. You may learn something that may help you in the interview. What you should not be is rude. Above all, while you are waiting remember that someone may be watching you and .that the observation made could have some weightage when the hiring decision is made.

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  • Related Links : Good Answers to Interview Questions