Good Cover Letters for Resumes

Good Cover Letters for Resumes :

Lauren's better advised paragraph

"I am interested in pursuing a career with Blubber Is My Brother (BIMB) for several reasons. First, I would like to lend my marketing and communications skills to an organization whose goals I have supported for several years. Second, my discussions with people in the field have convinced me that BIMB is the type of organization that values the contributions of all its staff members. Third, since nonprofit organizations like yours tend to take a long view on issues, I anticipate an environment where employees are encouraged to look beyond the next quarterly report."

Lauren has now stated her interest in whales without letting that fact dominate her paragraph. She has also indicated in her third sentence why she is attracted to a nonprofit organization after years in the corporate sector.

Anthony's draft

"Advertising Associates would be a perfect place for me to continue my career. Your operating motto, 'Facts sell,' describes my approach to presenting a product or service. In addition, I am impressed by the twin characteristics of creativity and integrity that helped you win an Effie Award in 1994. Looking at the future, the fact that you were able to attract the Longhorn Industries account from a much larger competitor shows that Advertising Associates has the potential to be a growing firm even in a difficult market."

Here, Anthony is showing that he has researched the firm thoroughly. He identifies with the firm's culture (such as "Facts sell," creativity and integrity). He also presents his pragmatic side by referring to client acquisition (Longhorn Industries) and potential. This is a good paragraph because Anthony shows a personal and practical interest in the firm

In the following paragraph, Cecily has identified an attraction to the prospective employer based on three factors: the industry, the firm and the job. By doing this, she has shown a serious interest in the total environment in which she would be working. Cecily's previous experience as a customer service representative was not in the retail industry. Therefore, showing that she has researched the firm and its industry adds significantly to her credibility.

Cecily's draft

The possibility of continuing my career with Fantastic Stores, Inc., appeals to me for several reasons. The retail industry in general appeals to me because of the creativity needed to keep up with anticipated changes in consumer tastes. Applying my skills in your company would be especially interesting. Your chairman, Mr. John Marvin, announced a commitment to attracting the aging baby boomer market, a group in which I have taken a personal interest. Most of all, I am attracted to the fact that Fantastic Stores expects its customer relations people to be client-base builders, not just a complaint department."

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