Good Interview Questions to Ask

Good Interview Questions to Ask :

On Arrival

You should aim to arrive at the interview venue at least fifteen minutes in advance. The time is necessary for you to familiarize yourself with the location and to get a grip on yourself - to relax. Arriving at the last minute can be stressful and puts you at an immediate disadvantage. Interviewers are usually annoyed with persons who arrive breathless at the last minute with their hair in a mess.

Conversely, arriving noticeably early (half-an-hour or more ahead of time) suggests a lack of confidence.

Let the receptionist know that you have arrived and meet the person whom you have been asked to contact. Sometimes the receptionist is asked to give her or his impression of each candidate later. It pays therefore to be polite, confident and pleasant when you introduce yourself. Listen to the instructions carefully. Ask them to repeat any instruction you are not absolutely clear on.

Find or ask where the restrooms are. Tidying up before the interview is very important. Even if you feel good, make sure that you look good as well. It is best to visit the restroom two to three minutes after you arrive. You should also ensure that you are out and groomed at least five minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin.

While at the restroom, wash your face. It will rejuvenate and freshen you. Put deodorant and an after-shave/perfume. Use a mouthwash or a mouth spray. Ensure that your clothes look good, your tie is straight and your shoes are polished. If you look good you will immediately feel better and more confident.

Be polite and friendly with everyone on the premises. Don’t be casual with any of the employees who talk to you. They may have a crucial part to play in your recruitment.

Waiting to be called…no matter how well-prepared you are…. you are bound to be tense and nervous. This is quite natural. This is because your body pumps extra adrenalin into your bloodstream whenever there is a challenging situation. Consequently your body gets charged with an extra supply of energy. When you are sitting and waiting to be called… this energy does not get adequate release. This creates the nervousness and tension. You can use this to your advantage by channeling this energy. The extra energy can sharpen your wits and make you more alert. To calm yourself down, breathe slowly, deeply and with a regular rhythm.

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