Good Interview Questions

Good Interview Questions :

Jewellery should be subtle to customise and feminize the clothes. Gold and silver are always right. Diamonds are for weddings and parties and should not be worn for an interview. Long pendant-style necklaces, noisy bracelets with chains etc. can be distracting. You should not wear much jewellery, especially those that are very prominent, since it can be distracting. The jewellery also shouldn’t have little bells or make a lot of noise. A small, beautiful piece is the kind one should wear as it can add to your image.

Get the best handbags you can afford. It is better to restrict yourself to standard colours. Avoid very large and lumpy hand-bags. A sleek, slim handbag can be an advantage. Briefcases should be of leather. But they should have a feminine look. In short, the clothes you wear for an interview should be immaculate, contemporary, stylish and appropriate to your image, status, body shape, personality, aspirations, the location and weather. You should also ensure that you have appropriate accessories. The clothes fit well and reflect good grooming. It must also be comfortable. And do not overspend. Buy good clothes, but only those that you can afford. Your clothes should look businesslike, yet stylish - not boring like a corporate filing cabinet.

An interview isn’t a beauty contest. But how you dress and your overall appearance almost always get noticed by the interviewer. Don’t give the interviewer a chance to rule you out because you didn’t feel like ironing your shirt or polishing your shoes. Dress in a business-like, professional manner and you’ll be sure to fit in wherever you give an interview.

Be neatly presented in any case. Check for seam rips, runs in stockings and missing buttons. Look great and your confidence will shine through. Pick your outfit ahead of time then forget about it - think about selling your skills, not your wardrobe. And don’t forget to smile! That is the best fashion accessory - looking like you are happy to be there and proud to talk about the value YOU can bring to their company.

The trick is to go to the interview looking impeccable, with a highly professional put-together image, a look that includes business-like attire that is well coordinated and in mint condition. Immaculate grooming, from head to toe, is also a necessity. People do notice the details of your image. More importantly, people make assumptions about you based upon your late or mid-afternoon image just as much as they do at 8 a.m.

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  • Related Links : Good Interview Questions