Good Resume Examples

Good Resume Examples :

Following this discussion, we rewrote her opening paragraph.

This is what she wrote.

"I am interested in joining your firm as an underwriter.My interest in this field has developed as a result of my professional experience and my desire to contribute my skills to the maximwn. My particular interest in Happyco stem from my research into leading insurance firms in the Midwest.

It certainly is short.

Yes…. about three sentences is all you should need.

In the optimum case, these are the points you want to convey to the prospec tive employer.

Your purpose in writing (in this case to join the firm as an underwriter)….

What motivates your interest in the field….. This might include prior experience.

What attracted you to write to that particular company?

That you are serious, as indicated by your research, for example.

Three sentences are plenty for that purpose.

Gabrielle's opening seems a bit abrupt. Couldn't you start with some thing like…..?

David's suggestion : a potential pitfall

Good morning. I know you're busy, but the two minutes it takes to read this letter will certainly be worth your while.

You could start that way. But it would not serve your interests. People are incredibly busy these days and they appreciate your getting to the point. In addition, the approach you are suggesting sounds a little hokey. Generally, you are better off when you stick to the basics.

I'm not really sure what I want. How can I honestly say that I am interested in joining your firrn as an underwriter or anything else?

Avoid gimmicks. You can have a letter that is refreshing and interesting by sticking to the basics.

You're raising a good point. It's important to be honest. The reality is that when you say you're interested in something, it doesn't mean you are interested in that field or company only. As we said earlier, you might have three or five fields of interest to you and any number of companies. What your letter says to the employer is that his / her firm is one of those firms and that the career you mention is one of those that interest you.

Gabrielle has raised a common concern. It is important to be honest, but what does honesty mean? Everything you say must be true. At the same time, you don't need to say everything that is on your mind.

But let's say that I really don't have a clue.

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