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Google Interview Questions :

They should also not be too unfashionable. Buy the best you can afford. Belts should match the clothes (trousers). They can be either black leather or dark brown. The briefcase that you take for the interview should be of leather. Do not carry papers in hold-alls or plastic bags. You should wear a good watch that reflects your personality.

A few things to remember….

1. When wearing a suit, the two lapels and both shoulders should line up.

2. If you have too many things in your trousers or coat, it will not hang well. Keep as little as possible.

3. There shouldn’t be extra material between the shoulder and the waist.

4. Trouser legs should not be cut too wide for your frame.

5. Armholes should not be cut too deep.

6. Sit down and move your arms to check for comfort and fit.

7. The length of the jacket should be shorter than the middle knuckle of the thumb.

8. Trouser hemlines should reach the shoe and then break by folding inwards. They should conceal the first few laces of a laced shoe.

Women have a large variety of clothes to choose from – from business suits to ethnic wear. What you should wear will, to a great extent, depend on where you are being interviewed and on the position you are being considered for.

Smart business suits, sarees or good salwar kurtas are acceptable wear for an interview. Suits consist of a coat and matching skirt. The skirt should be up to the knee. This can be of light wool mixed with cotton or terry cotton or synthetic material. The jacket should fit comfortably without pulling, bulging or sagging. The sleeve length should be about five inches from the tip of the thumb. A pant suit is not recommended for a business interview as that is considered casual or more informal wear.

Sarees are probably among the most elegant clothes a lady can wear. The saree worn for an interview should either be of light silk or starched cotton. The blouse should have no extra frills. They should be up to the elbow.

Salwar kurtas or salwar suits as they are often called should be of synthetic material (like terry cotton) or crush / crumple-proof cotton. You also shouldn’t wear a simple skirt and shirt, as that’s considered incomplete. Jeans and a sloppy blouse should never be worn for an interview

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