Hard Interview Questions

Hard Interview Questions :

Teeth :

Smiling is good. It makes meetings pleasant. However, to smile often you should ensure your teeth are good and well-cared for. It must be pleasant to look at. While your teeth may not be perfect and you may not be blessed with a Binaca' smile… you should ensure that they are clean and white (and not yellow or black). It can be terrible (even unnerving) when a person with blackened or yellowed teeth smiles at you.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. Flossing will help to ensure that the remnants of an earlier meal are not wedged in your teeth. I would also suggest a visit to your dentist before the all-important interview to have your teeth professionally cleaned, especially if they are not evenly coloured or whitish.

Makeup :

You should remember that you are going for an iriterview and not to a party. Therefore the makeup should be sober and businesslike, not garish and over-bright. Avoid bright red lipstick and excessive rouge. To be perceived as confident, women must wear tastefully-applied makeup. Well-applied makeup conveys high self-esteem and confidence. It says that you pay attention to details.

Spectacles :

You must ensure that your spectacles are clean, properly adjusted and fit you correctly. They should not sit on your nose at an awkward angle or be broken. It is not appropriate to wear sunglasses at an interview as it would send the wrong message and prevent eye contact.

You should also ensure that…

The spectacles suit you. Take along your spouse or a friend when you choose frames.

They should not dominate your face.

They should not be wider than your face or hide/contain your eyebrows. They should rest on your nose.

If you wear lenses, they should be worn unobtrusively.

Bulging or red eyes are intimidating.

Accessories :

It is useful to keep a small kit of accessories in your car or at your office. They can be very useful, especially when you need to meet someone at short notice for an interview. Here's what you need to keep…

1. Small bottle of after-shave/eau de cologne/perfume

2. Deodorant

3. Comb and brush

4. Breath mints

5. Toothbrush and paste

6. Makeup / shaving kit

7. Nail polish / lacquer

8. Facial tissue

9. Small sewing kit

10. Hair spray

You must remember that you ooze with confidence and goodness when you know you look good and feel good. And that is the impression you will create when you meet others.

Wardrobe :

Your clothing is a primary component of your image and is a potent communicator with its own coded language. Your apparel can signal that you are a leader with winning potential or it can scream that you're a loser. If your clothing is waving the loser flag, you have to work extra hard to command respect and inspire trust.

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