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Help Writing Your Resume : It depends on your field. If you are clearly a salesperson in the software industry, for example, it's not necessary to also say that you want a job as a software salesperson.

Should my resume always have an objective? : Help Writing Your Resume

It depends on your field. If you are clearly a salesperson in the software industry, for example, it's not necessary to also say that you want a job as a software salesperson. If your experience is more varied or if you are an inexperienced job seeker, you should include a well-written objective.

Clients often say to us, "A resume objective limits me and as a multitalented individual I object to reducing my expertise to one catchy sentence." But we believe that an objective is an effective method of focusing your expertise on the employer's perspective. The prospective employer is looking for an employee with specific focus in an area of expertise relevant to what the employer will need done. We advocate writing the objective in one of two core methods : either by specific job title with matching relevant skills or by overall focus area with three matching skills.

Two examples : first by job title -"Position as a Career Counselor utilizing my individual counseling, assessment / testing and workshop design expertise." Or by overall career field, "Career / Educational Planning position utilizing my individual counseling, assessment/testing and workshop design expertise." One of these two core strategies will be effective for anyone writing a resume objective.

It is not necessary to have an objective on your summary if your career path is clear from the rest of your resume. Graduating students and other new entrants into the job market whose resumes don't demonstrate a clear career path should consider having an objective to allow the recipient to know what type of position you're looking for. Yes, that may be in your cover letter or it may be clear from the job you're applying for, but it's good to reinforce that message and it's also important to state it in case your resume gets separated from the cover letter or the job posting. You want your resume to be able to stand alone to represent you whether it's in that company's files or if the recipient forwards it to a colleague at another employer.

Your resume should have an objective only if the organization requests one and then keep it short and direct. A resume is an ad to get you into the interview. Every line of resume is precious to the job seeker in terms of showcasing skills and knowledge that the prospective employer is seeking.

When I review a resume I should be able to tell what kind of job the writer is seeking by the time I have read the first five lines of the resume. I recommend using a skill summary to take the place of a job objective. This is a much better use of space.

Again, the only caveat is does the organization look for job objectives on its applications? If so, then craft one that showcases what you bring to the table, not what you want in your job. The employer doesn't care what you want, the employer wants someone who is technically.competent, has experience, and can hit the ground running.

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