How to Answer Interview Questions?

How to Answer Interview Questions? :

How do you Handle Conflict? :

There are many possible sources of conflict on the job. Conflicts can be with…

Fellow employees


Rules, procedures

Clients / customers

Demands of work vs. personal life, family

The best way to approach a good answer is to look at it from the employer's point of view. Your employer wants to be your first priority. He believes that you will be there to solve problems, not create them.

Your response should therefore demonstrate that you….

See conflicts not as problems to be avoided but as opportunities to generate new ideas.

Do not hide the symptoms but see them as signals of some basic problem.

Investigate and unearth the basic cause of the problem and work on them.

Neither rigidly hold on to your point of view nor change them just to be with the majority.

Encourage debates without generating hostility.

Try to accommodate opposing viewpoints and generate novel solutions.

Involve other members of the work team to discuss the problem and offer possible solutions.

Pick the solution that appears to have the best outcome.

Finally, put the solution into action.

\ Support your reply with examples. Make sure that your example illustrates the point well and thus strengthen your candidature for the position.

Another way of handling this could be by describing a time when a co-worker or classmate criticised your work in front of others. How did you respond? How has the event shaped the way you communicate with others? Your answer has to illustrate not only your tact but also your ability to handle an awkward situation.

Other Questions :

There is literally no end to the questions you can be asked. Some of them may be as follows….

Customer Focus :

1. Can you describe an incident when you were able to satisfy a customer more than his expectations?

2. How customer-centric are you?

Management Style :

1. What do you think is the most important trait of a manager? Employers may want to know what management traits you have and the way you manage.

2. Are you hands-on or not?

3. Do you delegate or empower?

Values :

1. What values do you think an organisation should have?

2. In your opinion, are there any issues on which you will not compromise?

Employers will ask you about the values that you hold dear those on which there can be no compromise. This is to check whether you would fit into the organisation.

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