How to Avoid Interview Stress?

How to Avoid Interview Stress? :

The interviewer is buttoned-up, formal and not smiling as warmly as you would have liked. The interview chair is hard and unwelcoming, your palms and face are sweating profusely. Your normal eloquence has given way to stuttering and stammering and you have begun to tremble from head to toe. If you are one of the multitude of jobseekers who begin to hyper-ventilate at the very thought of interviewing for a new position and to whom the interview is a source of unlimited stress and trepidation, the following are some basic tips to help you through your interview woes.

Imagine the interviewer is more stressed out than you are.

A technique favored by many to alleviate their own stress is to remind themselves that the interviewer may be more nervous and stressed out than they are, especially if he is not a seasoned HR professional and does not normally interview new candidates. The interviewer may not feel very comfortable assuming a role normally reserved for the HR department and may be more anxious than you are as a result. In this case you can shift your focus to alleviating the stress in the room and lightening the mood realizing you are both new to this role and that both sides will win by making the interview as smooth, fluid and informative as possible.

Imagine yourself in the interviewer's shoes. .

It helps to remember when sitting in the interview spotlight that the interviewer himself is a busy man with deadlines, a job and a boss to report back to. By mentally envisioning the interviewer as a professional just like yourself who has taken time out of his busy routine to give you an opportunity to interview for the job, you can begin to empathize with the interviewer, relate to him and feel a sense of gratitude that you have made it as far as the interview stage. Remember, getting this far is already an accomplishment and the fact that the employer has given you such a generous block of time means they are interested in our profile, abilities and qualifications.

Convince yourself that the difficult part is already over (providing you have not lied on your CV) and the interview itself is just a platform to build a rapport with the team and articulate in person what they already know from your CV and your cover letter.

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